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AFCP National Forum 2021

AFCP Oilseed Rape Event - June 2021

AFCP National Forum 2019 

'Education - the essential farming and food chain input'.

AFCP Student Forum 2019 

Thirty AFCP Charity funded students attended to make presentations or participate in the poster session. Many of the posters are available here.

AFCP Regional Soils Meeting- 2019

For programme and presentations


AFCP National and Student Forums Archives

AFCP has held a series of National Forums aiming to bring together leading authorities on key issues relevant to the industry - training, careers and research, and to identify potential roles and opportunities for charities. Programmes and many presentations are available below.

2017: The role of charities in post-Brexit UK food and farming

2017: AFCP Student Forum

2016:  Upskilling agriculture and food supply—where should charities focus?

2015:  Career development and retention in the agrifood sector: opportunities for charities

2014:  New approaches for charities to support modern FE Colleges

2013:  Careers for the Food Chain: Role of Charities

2013: AFCP Student event: brief report and summaries of the presentations.

2012:  Achieving best outcomes for British agriculture: opportunities for charities

2011:  Sharing ideas for a strong community of agrifood charities

2010:  Creating new knowledge and expertise for the agrifood industries – where will

            the resources come from?

2009:  Learn, discuss & influence R&D Priorities and Opportunities for agriculture &

            food - 2010 onwards

2008:  Change, Challenge and Opportunity for AgriFood Charities

Presentations from other AFCP events are also archived here:

AFCP Workshop "Energising successful studentship schemes" Cow%2520with%2520ISO%2520ID%2520in%2520VMS%2520-%25203703-Edit.jpg

View a full report report and the presentations.

AFCP reception at Royal Bath & West Show 

This presented opportunities & information for charities

If you have any items that you think can be usefully included here then please send them to [email protected]


Charity Administration templates

In addition, charities and other organisations, manage a wide range of different processes and procedures. These range from advertising their presence to both prospective applicants and potential collaborators, through receiving and evaluating a proposal to monitoring and receiving reports from approved projects. Some of the forms that have been found to be useful in these processes are accessible from here.