We are currently recruiting for a Charities Coordination Director, a new role within AFCP, and an Administrator/Company Secretary, as our current appointee is retiring this year. Please contact Elizabeth if you would like more information on these positions.

AFCP Student Forum took place at Cranfield University on 30 March 2022, with nearly 60 attendees. Posters were presented by over 30 students, funded or part-funded by AFCP member charities, with presentations from ten of these who have completed or nearing completion of their research.

AFCP are enormously grateful to Dr Ken Pallett for all his input in organising the day, and to Professor Leon Terry and the staff at Cranfield University for hosting the event. There was also an opportunity to see some of the work being carried out at Cranfield University.

The AFCP National Forum - Growing: Young Minds and New Ideas took place on 15 November 2021; thank you to our speakers and staff at the Agri-Tech Centre at Hartpury, for an excellent day. We heard interesting presentations on the exciting and innovative topic of Vertical Farming, and were impressed by the breadth of activities from LEAF-Education and Social Farms and Gardens on how to engage young people in food, farming and the environment. Some of the presentations from the event are available below:

Improving yield in vertical farming: Insights from plant photobiology  - Matt Jones, University of Glasgow

The importance of experiential learning to motivate young people on food production, farming and the natural environment - Carl Edwards, LEAF-Education

Care farming- using farming, food production and the farmed landscape to benefit young people with a defined need - Rachel Bragg, Social Farms and Gardens

This event took place as a hybrid event on 16 June 2021. AFCP would like to especially thank the University of Hertfordshire and the staff involved for their support in the organisation of this event 

The presentations feature work funded by charities and others and provide an opportunity to learn about current developments in disease and pest management. 

See here for a pdf of the Conference proceedings. A report on the event for 'Outlooks on Pest Management' is also available here.

The Proceedings are now also available in paperback from Amazon Books, price £10 plus postage.

A recording of this event is available here.

Posters highlighting some of the extensive research area on this topic are available here.

Bobby Hyde is soon completing his AFCP/AHDB funded project at University of Nottingham on Dairy/beef Health; and Fern Baker is at the end of her first year working on reducing net carbon emissions from dairy production systems. Bobby and Fern made presentations to AFCP charities on 21 September 2021, and the Zoom recording of this meeting is available here.

Rural Britain is poorly understood at a time when it is undergoing profound change.

Data on rural communities, their life experiences and challenges are limited and often flawed. Farming is undergoing a series of significant changes and faces many new challenges. Whilst many organisations would like to serve their rural audiences better, they often lack the evidence and insights to do so.

The aim of this project is to encourage a small group of non-competing organisations to fund an authoritative study into the current. A PowerPoint presentation explaining the proposed project in more detail can be found here.  Charities who may be interested in following this up  can contact Barry Clark.

October 2020: AFCP held two Zoom meetings focusing on two of the AFCP/AHDB projects:

Soil Health and Dairy/Beef Health projects-further details and links to the presentations.

Further updates of their research which can be accessed through the links below:

East of England Agricultural Society has recently held a series of Zoom talks on:

  • Environmental Land Management: A New Opportunity
  • The Diversification Dilemna: What? When? How?
  • Fields for the Future: A Blueprint for Carbon Friendly Farming
  • Does Cover Cropping for in my Farming Business?

All are available as Zoom recordings

13.15 on Thursday 3 February at Morley Business Centre, NR18 9DF

Three speakers will present on a range of topics to provoke thought, stimulate discussion and inform decision-making on farms:

  • Managing the risks of farming
  • Quantify and manage spatial variation on farms
  • Measuring to develop measures

Full details available here.