AFCP Achievementsicon-achieve.png

These achievements are presented in the three key areas of activity undertaken by AFCP to fulfil its mission of creating opportunities to increase knowledge and expertise in the agri-food sector through collaboration and innovation via a network of charities and other funders

  • Work with charities to promote opportunities for supporting projects.
  • Establish links with other funders to identify opportunities for participation by charities. 
  • Develop channels for communication, including a searchable website. 

Work with charitiesicon-handshake.png

Established a group of charities based in Eastern England to identify and progress opportunities for collaboration. As a result they are

  • organising one meeting a year
  • reviewing the benefits of a common application form
  • exchanging  applications received that may have relevance to another and have successfully collaborated to fund projects on
                potato cyst nematodes
                measurement of soil properties
                diseases of oilseed rape

Contributed to a project on cheese production, jointly funded by charities based in the South West.

Secured funding from Royal Bath & West Association for a major project to develop training guidelines for the Fire Service, on accidents involving animal transporters and transportation.

Secured funding from a major charity to publish the RASE Report "Current status of soil & water management in England"

Work with fundersicon-funder_1.png

Secured with BBSRC the opportunity for charities to support research initiatives, leading to two studentships supported by charities in the BBSRC "Crop Improvement Research Club" on

  • Virus disease of oilseed rape
  • Malting barley

Facilitated the opportunity for two charities to support an industrial BBSRC CASE studentship on potatoes.

Negotiated an opportunity for charitable support for the extension of the AHDB “Grow your own potatoes” into a school in London.

Established the “AFCP Award” with AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds to give charities the opportunity to propose research topics that would be jointly funded with AHDB. 

Organised and chaired a reception, for two years at the Royal Bath & West Show that brought together charities and funders, including representatives from BBSRC and AHDB.

Delivered presentations to a wide range of charities on the opportunities offered by the BBSRC Advanced Training Programme to enhance the knowledge of people in the industry.


Developed and manage an open access search based website with 126 organisations listed and averaging 11 searches/day aimed at identifying opportunities for either individuals or charities to find funding partners.

Simplicity and effectiveness of the website endorsed by delegates at the St George’s House consultation on “Attracting and supporting new entrants to the industry”

Planned and delivered seven Annual Forums that have explored a wide range of issues relevant to charities including, careers, education and research strategy, and provided opportunities for charity representatives to meet and discuss strategic issues relevant to the industry with experts in the area.

Outcomes from the Forums led to a successful project proposal to first identify and then address the 3 stages of a career in the industry; Awareness/Education/Retention & Development. The project  led to support and involvement with two major initiatives.

  1.  In enhancing Awareness, successful support for the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association to develop a methodology to deliver agriculture related topics into the school curriculum.
  2. In relation to Retention& Development, the identification of an effective mechanism for the incorporation of the AFCP website structure into the NLBC website and the subsequent provision of supporting information.

Planned and held 2 Forums specifically for students funded by charities to present their work and exchange ideas. Feedback showed that these were very well received by students, their supervisors and trustees from charities supporting them.

Published articles in a range of journals including Farm Business, AgriTrade News, Farmers Club Journal and featured on Worshipful Company of Farmers website.

Presentations given to a wide range of organisations including Landex Annual Conference, Chadacre Conference, AHDB Directors, AHDB Board, Horticulture Development Council Board, AHDB Research Managers, Association of Show and Agricultural Organisations Conference, South East England Education Committee as well as many individual charities.