University of Surrey School of Veterinary Medicine

Who we are

The University of Surrey is one of the UK’s top professional, scientific and technological universities. Named as The Times and Sunday Times University of the Year 2016, Surrey has a world-class profile and a leading reputation in teaching and research.

The School of Veterinary Medicine sits within the University’s Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, alongside the School of Biosciences and Medicine and the School of Health and Social Care. The three schools work together under a ‘One Health’ vision to provide forward-thinking interdisciplinary research and teaching to improve the health of humans and animals.

The School is home to leading experts in the field of veterinary medicine and science; including veterinary bacteriology, veterinary epidemiology, veterinary virology, veterinary microbiology and pathology, musculoskeletal biology and veterinary neurology.

A number of these hold joint academic posts with our partner institutions who we work collaboratively with to enhance both student and research opportunities in the field of veterinary medicine.  We have in the region of 100 partners including smaller general practices; specialist practices like Fitzpatrick Referrals, Liphook Equine Hospital and Westpoint Veterinary Group; along with world-leading veterinary research institutes like the APHA, BBSRC Pirbright Institute and VMD.

What we do

The School offers an exciting and inspiring range of undergraduate, postgraduate and CPD programmes in the field of veterinary medicine and science.  As well as our pioneering five year Veterinary Medicine degree, we offer BSc Veterinary Biosciences, MSc Veterinary Microbiology and PhD programmes.

Our research aims to advance knowledge in all aspects of veterinary medicine and education, with our major research strengths including:

• Infectious diseases and zoonoses including animal health surveillance

• Veterinary pathology

• Food chain safety and food security

• Veterinary epidemiology

• Nutrition and metabolism of disease

• Veterinary orthopaedics

Current research includes understanding those factors that increase the risk of disease, the mechanisms associated with disease transmission and investigation of the emergence of antimicrobial resistance. 

We are also undertaking research to help further understand pathogen behaviour in the host and environment, with a focus on new and emerging and zoonotic diseases including Rabies, Prions, Campylobacter, E. coli, Brachyspira, Bluetongue, Classical Swine Fever, PRRS, Schmallenberg, MRSA and TB.

How to find out more

We are always looking to develop long-term collaborative relationships with people and organisations who share our vision, and working together can:

•shape the next generation of research and developments in animal health, welfare and global food security

•enable the best and brightest of students to study veterinary medicine, regardless of their financial means, and to become the ambassadors and leaders of their profession

•create veterinary professionals with a global perspective, a spirit of scientific inquiry and a strong regard for the human-animal bond.

To find out more or discuss how we could work together then please contact Chris Stevens.


University of Surrey School of Veterinary Medicine
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