Rothamsted Research

Who we are

Rothamsted Research is the largest agricultural research centre in the United Kingdom and almost certainly the oldest agricultural research station in the world.  Over its 160 year history, Rothamsted Research has built an enviable international reputation as a centre of excellence for science in support of sustainable land management and its environmental impact. Its scientific research ranges from studies of genetics, biochemistry, cell biology and soil processes to investigations at the ecosystem and landscape scale.

What we do.

The mission of Rothamsted Research is to be recognised internationally as a primary source of first-class scientific research and new knowledge that addresses stakeholder requirements for innovative policies, products and practices to enhance the economic, environmental and societal value of agricultural land. This mission is accomplished research to:

  • Improve crop quality and the sustainability of production systems
  • Develop environment-enhancing management practices for agricultural land and associated habitats
  • Predict and mitigate the impacts of climate change on agriculture and other land-based activities
  • Develop practices and products that will reduce fossil-fuel inputs to, and greenhouse gas emissions from, managed land
  • Protect and improve soil quality
  • Exploit crops as renewable substitutes for fossil carbon feedstocks
  • Conserve and utilise biodiversity
  • Elevate society’s confidence in science for agriculture and the environment

How to find out more

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Rothamsted Research
West Common

Contact name:
Angela Karp
Position:Director of Operations
Tel:01582 938037

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