Pirbright Laboratory

Who we are

The Pirbright Laboratory (formerly the Institute for Animal Health) is a world-leading centre of excellence for research into infectious diseases of farm animals, receives strategic funding from Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC).

What we do

Our mission is to deliver high quality fundamental, strategic and applied science focussed on infectious animal diseases, including some that affect people. We use that knowledge to advance veterinary and medical science, and to enhance the sustainability of livestock farming. This includes improvements in animal welfare, safeguarding the supply and safety of food, and protecting public health and the environment. A major facet of the Institute is that we study infectious diseases in the natural, farm animal, hosts. Training of scientists, technicians and veterinarians is an important part of our remit. The Institute is situated on two campuses, Compton Laboratory and Pirbright Laboratory.

In addition to our research output we provide diagnostic services for a number of diseases and give expert advice to the UK government and international agencies. Our scientists communicate directly with farmers at meetings and at our farm, and with the general public via the media, and with school children.

How to find out more

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Pirbright Laboratory
Pirbright Laboratory
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Contact name:
Sara Hurst
Position:International and National Funding Officer
Tel:01483 232441

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