Moredun Institute

Who we are

The Moredun Foundation was established in 1920 and was originally called the Animal Diseases Research Association. The charity is dedicated to the improvement of animal health and wellbeing through research and education and governs the work of the Moredun Research Institute.

Moredun Research Institute receives funding from the Research Programmes commissioned by The Scottish Government Environment and Rural Affairs Directorate. Moredun also receives additional funding from competitive awards from national and international agencies and the EU. Commercially sponsored research is channelled through the Institute’s affiliated company Moredun Scientific. Moredun is located in a purpose-built International Research Centre at the hub of Pentlands Science Park, a bioscience centre.

What we do.

Moredun’s mission is to prevent and control infectious diseases of livestock and conducts research on diseases which undermine efficiency, impair animal welfare and threaten public health. Moredun Research Institute conducts world class scientific research to improve farm animal health and welfare through the prevention and control of infectious diseases of livestock. 

Our scientists work on improving the understanding of diseases of agricultural relevance with emphasis on endemic and emerging disease. With greater awareness we are able to successfully develop strategies for the improved control and prevention of disease and help reduce disease prevalence and incidence locally, nationally and worldwide. Together, scientists at Moredun work towards a greater understanding of disease pathogenesis, the development of diagnostic tests and the creation of novel vaccines. Working closely with farmers and vets we strive to improve animal health and wellbeing and support sustainable agriculture.

How to find out more

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Moredun Institute
Pentlands Science Park
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Dr Elizabeth Innes
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