Easton College

Easton College

We are one of the UK’s top 10 independent colleges specialising in land-based studies. We offer all students an inspiring and innovative learning environment. Here you can study practical trades, modern technology and academic degrees. 

Our mission is simple: to help students gain the skills and confidence to succeed.

Our qualified tutors are dedicated to nurturing essential life skills. These include professionalism, teamwork, critical thinking and respect for others. Together, we’ll develop students ability to enjoy a sustainable career.

Cultivating a prosperous future 
Our roots lie deep in the agricultural community. That's why we offer courses such as agriculture, animal studies and horticulture. But we have also branched out to cover topics that reflect the changing nature of work and our society.

Some students join us to strengthen their foundation skills, including Maths and English. Many take diplomas in engineering, construction, sports and uniformed public services. We even offer specialist degrees such as agri-bioscience, ecology and aquaculture. 

We are an associate college of the world class University of East Anglia (UEA). That means the UEA validates the academic standards of our degrees. As a result, graduates receive a recognised UEA degree. 

Personal development and welfare
We work with students of all abilities and all ages, from teenage upwards. Many come to us from school, some to take GCSE and A-Level equivalent qualifications. Others take higher education certificates, higher apprentices and foundation courses. An increasing number are mature students looking for a complete change in career.

Whatever the age – and whatever the personal ambition – we will support all students.  If they are keen to get a good job in a specific industry – or to advance in a current role.  If they want to try something new – stretch themselves for the pleasure of learning. Either way, we’ll work with all students to ensure they get the most out of their stay with us.

As one of the largest land-based institutions in the country, we teach a variety of courses, all aimed at giving you the skills and knowledge you need to pursue the career that you want. The demand for these skills is very high so the opportunities for employment are high.

In addition to our further education courses, we also have a variety of higher education programmes that you can progress into, a host of leisure learning facilities and a variety of commercial courses for you to choose.

Our outstanding facilities and passionate staff are here to help you achieve great things in your personal, social and career development. To help you enjoy the best and most fulfilling experience, we have invested heavily in our facilities in the last few years.

At our campus, we have made many investments in our sports department and thanks to support from the New Anglia LEP, a new state of the art construction centre will officially be opened later this year as we set about tackling the UK housing crisis by training more students in a host of building related skills.

Choosing the right course can sometimes be difficult. Our staff are here to help you make a choice that is right for you and one that will provide you with the skills you need for a great start to a fulfilling career. We are firm believers that you should be passionate and enjoy what you do. If you have that mind set, then you will go on and make a positive difference in the world.

Ultimately though, we want you to enjoy yourself, study hard, make friends for life and enjoy your time with us.

What we do

The college is involved in a wide range of project activity that includes all areas of the land based industries plus the sports and public service sectors. Key areas of support, however, continue to be:-

  • work to raise the profile of land based industries in schools (over 1,000 pupils visit aged 4-14 and 640 14-16 pupils from over 40 secondary' schools 1 day per week for the academic year).
  • working with the County Strategic Partnership on economic development issues for rural areas.
  • work with East of England Regional Development Agency and land based skills development projects including the Rural Development Programme for England.

The college has a policy of equality of opportunity and will work with any individual/company regardless of age, sex, disability etc.

How to find out more

For comprehensive information on the College, its activities and how you can apply for courses, click on the website link below. To contact the College, click on the email link.

Easton College

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