Campden BRI

Who we are

Campden BRI is the UK's largest independent membership-based organisation carrying out research and development for the food and drinks industry worldwide. It is committed to providing industry with the research, technical and advisory services needed to ensure product safety and quality, process efficiency and product and process innovation. Our work is undertaken for industrial members, as well as government departments, levy boards, industrial consortia and the European Union.

What we do

An R&D programme that reflects member need’s, is identified by members and provides a constantly renewable knowledge base for technology transfer. Contract R&D is also carried out on behalf of other UK based organisations. Consultancy work is done under Aid-funded programmes for countries with a developing market economy.

A continuous programme of investment ensures leading-edge processing and analytical facilities for research and contract work. Campden BRI maintains close working relationships with industry through frequent meetings with its fourteen technical advisory panels and associated industrial working parties. Facilities include three fully equipped food processing halls, product and process development facilities, a substantial, leading-edge sensory analysis suite, and extensive research and analytical laboratories covering microbiology, hygiene, chemistry, biochemistry and microscopy.

Purpose built training centres and dedicated information services are central to Campden BRI's pivotal role in technology transfer. A substantial and growing training programme forms the basis of worldwide in-house training for industry tailored to specific company requirements. Best-practice guidelines with industrial input and endorsement provide practical knowledge, and newsletters, alerting bulletins and seminars address current issues.

How to find out more

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