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A clarion call for greater cooperation and partnerships to deliver the investment, influence and impetus to transform the UK Food and Farming sector was delivered by speakers at this year's AFCP Annual Forum on the the role of charities in UK food and farming post Brexit, hosted by the University of Hertfordshire.

This was the uniting theme behind every speaker's contribution to the 9th AFCP Annual Forum. Charities were given an insight on where the most pressing needs of the sector lay and how they could contribute to complement the investments being made by Government, farmer levies and larger charities. With Brexit seemingly around the corner and the stark reality that UK agricultural productivity falls behind the rest of the world, there is an urgent need to accelerate the uptake of new science, new technologies and professional skills into the sector. 

AFCP charities have a crucial role to play. They are small in comparison to some of the larger charities, typically investing less than £100,000 per annum but together they are significant - investing an estimated total of £3.5m per annum in new research, skills development and public education for UK Food and Farming.

Speakers presentations can be found here in the programme .

News IconThe charity HighGround needs £90,000 to support military leavers entering the land-based sectorHighGround plans to run 8 Rural Insight weeks at Bicton College in Devon to provide armed service personnel (serving or veterans) with a comprehensive insight to the full depth and breadth of employment and career opportunities across farming and the rural land-based sector.

News IconThe National Land Based College is seeking charitable support for its first masterclass

News IconStudent Forum showcases research from soils to sheep supported by charities working together

News IconThe British Science Museum plan to build a new exhibition that showcases the innovation and importance of UK farming and food 

News IconThe Farmers Club Charitable Trust is seeking the support of AFCP charity members in developing leaders in agriculture. 

News IconProgramme & Presentations from the Annual Forum "Upskilling agriculture and food supply—where should charities focus?"

News Icon"Charities have a big role to play in upskilling the agri-food industry charities." - Debbie Beaton, AFCP CEO.

News IconRoyal Norfolk Agricultural Association produces significant report on engaging children with food, farming and the countryside