The National Land Based College is seeking £10,000 to support educational materials and training provision for Social Media Marketing specifically targeted at farming businesses with a diversification enterprise.

This CPD masterclass will be the first of many courses rolled out across the country targeting the land based sector – and using facilities of the NLBC member colleges as well as incorporating online and blended learning.

This first masterclass course, in partnership with an experienced social media agricultural consultant, will provide learners with a social media strategy and practical tips and tricks to enhance their social media skills specifically for Farm Diversification businesses.

The £10,000 funding will meet the set up costs including course materials, marketing, train-the-trainer and delivery of the first masterclass by the consultant (with trained NLBC staff or partners delivering subsequent events). This cost would also include the offering of bursaries to open up the training to a wider market. A small delegate fee is planned.

Any profits generated from the development of the masterclass will be used for further bursaries and discounted places or new masterclasses to address other industry needs.

If your charity or organization can provide financial or practical support please contact Sarah Purdell at the National Land Based College at [email protected]