Report on Food Farming and Countryside Education

Food Farming and Countryside Education
Developing New Approaches for Schools in Norfolk and

Learning about, and through, food, farming and the countryside for students of school age isbeneficial for a wide range of reasons. Understanding: what food is; how food is produced and prepared; and, why it is important to human beings is, one could argue, a fundamental life skill. However, to do this well presents a range of challenges.

This report sets out to understand how well these challenges are currently being addressed in Norfolk and Suffolk and considers possible new approaches to school based learning about food, farming and the countryside. To do this, it examines current activity locally as well as drawing on examples of best practice from elsewhere, to assess how schools are engaging with food, farming and countryside education and how the support provided to schools could be improved.

Finally, it considers how to ensure that the provision of school based food, farming and countryside education can be better aligned with the needs of both teachers and those providing the support (such as farmers, food manufacturers and retailers), so that this important work can grow and be sustained in the long term.

For more information about the report please contact Kate Ibbetson-Price via e-mail [email protected]