The Farmers Club Charitable Trust is seeking the support of AFCP charity members in developing leaders in agriculture. The Trust funds and champions the Windsor Leadership course, which nurtures potential talent through training, on-going leadership development and networking.

There are 17 alumni so far and the charitable trust is seeking funds to support at least three places each year for the residential Windsor Leadership course. In addition, they are seeking organisations, and individuals, to propose potential candidates. These individuals, explains the Trust’s James Cross, must show strong leadership potential, or already be a leader in the farming sector with a demonstrable desire to see the sector prosper.

“These courses provide the apex to the pyramid of leadership and management in the agricultural and rural sector,” he says.

The Windsor course programme for ‘emerging leaders’ aims to provide candidates with:

  • personal qualities, insight and wisdom needed by those leaders operating at the highest levels;
  • self-development with a focus on the role they can play in society, and within their organisations, as their responsibilities increase;
  • opportunity to focus on leadership style, strengths and areas for development
  • personal confidence;
  • share wider insights into handling difficult leadership challenges;
  • create a strong peer support network from across all sectors

It is an impressive, and inspiring, scheme, says AFCP trustee Peter Redman who attended the ‘Emerging Leaders’ evening event at the Farmers Club last week: “This an ideal opportunity for other charities, especially the 'smaller' ones, to team up with The Farmers Club Charitable Trust and and deliver tangible value in an area of real need. The charity community are also a rich source of candidates.”

Jane Craigie, founder and director of Jane Craigie Associates is a recent alumni who believes the course has been invaluable in expanding her thinking and developing a confidence to champion real change in the sector: “I felt very privileged to attend the course and left feeling empowered to play a part in helping to foster the future prosperity of UK food and farming.”


If you, or your charity, would like to support the course or provide potential candidates please contact James Cross at the Farmers Club 020 7930 3751 or [email protected]