The Science Museum is opening a new landmark gallery under the working title of Feeding Tomorrow in 2018 to showcase the science and technology driving modern agriculture. It has BBSRC investment, but is seeking further industry and charitable support to fill the £3m shortfall for building the exhibition.

“Feeding Tomorrow will reveal the often surprising innovations which will enable us to produce food more sustainably and in ways that better reflect our social values.” says Ian Blatchford, Director of the Science Museum Group.

“With no other exhibition in the UK addressing the challenges of contemporary agriculture, we have an amazing opportunity to create a space that responds to the public’s desire for better understanding of modern food production and that showcases the leading science and technology being applied in the industry.”

The Science Museum welcomes over 3.5 million visitors a year and is the most visited institution in the UK for children’s educational trips. The Museum is uniquely placed to increase public engagement with agriculture in a trusted, neutral setting.

Feeding Tomorrow, says Mr Blatchford, will be the only public space in the UK dedicated to inspiring, engaging and sparking debate about the future of food amongst the public, government and industry.

With a minimum five-year lifespan, Feeding Tomorrow will tell stories of modern agriculture through the lens of food, one of the public’s most relatable links to the industry. It will address how science and technology can find the balance between growing enough food and whilst protecting the planet’s precious resources.

The aim is to profile agriculture in a new light that harnesses the scientists, engineers and farmers of today and the ground-breaking technology used to grow our food.

From robotics and big data, to selective breeding, genetic modification, and agroecology, visitors will be able to explore a variety of scientific and technological approaches to tackling the challenges facing food production. They will come face to face with highly sophisticated machinery, learn about the cutting-edge scientific principles underlying new farming practises, and put themselves in the decision-making shoes of the people who grow their food.

To find out more about the partnership opportunities for Feeding Tomorrow at the Science Museum, please contact:

Rosemary Venn [email protected] +44 (0)20 7942 4374