Working together to support UK Food and Farming's Future 

JOIN TODAY to support the AFCP in delivering even greater impact from the investment made by your charity in UK Food and Farming. 

More than £3.5m support for skills, education and science comes from the charities spanning the food and farming sector. These charitable donations deliver great value to individuals, and the sector, but there is an urgent need to do more. As the UK leaves the European Union, the need to work tightly together is more pressing than ever. Each charity has its own unique set of objectives but one common goal unites them all - supporting British food and farming. 

Delivering more value from every pound donated in this sector is the central remit of the AFCP, providing charities with:

  • a common purpose to collaborate with each other, and industry, to deliver biggest impact
  • a conduit for collaboration on shared goals, processes and ideas
  • a hub for individuals to find charitable funding for their career training, skills development or research
  • a collective voice that influences the industry 
  • a communicator of the successes of the members of the AFCP

Your support is important. The AFCP is a charity, part-financed by subscriptions from charities and organisations operating in the sector. It has also received grants from NFU Mutual Charitable Trust, BBSRC, AHDB and HSBC plc to support initial phase and specific projects.

Without support from Member organisations, AFCP would not be able to operate and The Board are very grateful for the ongoing support of its member organisations.

The AFCP CEO Debbie Beaton, would be delighted to hear from any organisations wishing to contribute to new projects, work with other charities and industry, in order to drive more impact in:

  • skills and career development such as the industry's new initiative - AgriSkills Progress
  • attracting new talent and diversity from other sectors including ex-servicemen and women (14,000 leave RAF, Army and Navy every year)
  • educating the public about the important role that UK farming plays in modern society  
  • regional collaboration and focus 

Please join now as a 'charity or 'partner' organisation by completing the application form and sending your charity information for inclusion on the website.

Download the AFCP's recent brochure