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You’re a researcher, a student, maybe planning to do a PhD or CPD to further your career. You have project in mind. It involves…
You’re a charity administrator, Trustee or Board Member and keen to make best use of your available research or grant monies, but…
You’re a charity administrator, Trustee or Board Member, and keen to make best use of next year’s available research or grant…
The UK farming and food community can sometimes face extreme financial hardship. Fortunately there are charitable institutions…

Latest News & Opportunities

News IconAFCP 2017 Annual Forum 'The role of charities in post-Brexit UK food and farming' will take place on Wednesday 22 November 2017 at the University of Hertford; see our full progamme and contact to book your place. AFCP Member organisations are entitled to one free delegate and there is a registration fee of £50 for other delegates.

News IconAFCP 2017 Annual General Meeting will be held at 2pm on Wednesday 11th October 2017 at the Duchy of Cornwall Offices, 10 Buckingham Gate, London SW1E 6LA. Programme for the day and AGM Agendasupporting papers and Accounts are available here. (AFCP Board of Directors will meet at 11am, papers to be circulated.)

News IconThe Oxford Farming Conference is seeking charitable support for scholars and emerging leaders

News IconThe National Land Based College is seeking charitable support for its first masterclass

News IconNew crop-related research seeking charity backing 

News IconStudent Forum showcases research from soils to sheep supported by charities working together

News IconThe British Science Museum plan to build a new exhibition that showcases the innovation and importance of UK farming and food 

News IconThe Farmers Club Charitable Trust is seeking the support of AFCP charity members in developing leaders in agriculture. 

News IconProgramme & Presentations from the Annual Forum "Upskilling agriculture and food supply—where should charities focus?"

News Icon"Charities have a big role to play in upskilling the agri-food industry charities." - Debbie Beaton, AFCP CEO.

News IconRoyal Norfolk Agricultural Association produces significant report on engaging children with food, farming and the countryside


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AFCP was registered as a company limited by guarantee in February 2008 and became a registered charity in June 2015. The Board and its Directors and advisors represent a range of charities and organisations from across the UK. See About Us.