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Latest News & Opportunities


  1. The 2015 AFCP Annual Forum 'Career development and retention in the agrifood sector: opportunities for charities’ will be held on Tuesday 24th November at the Farmers Club, 3 Whitehall Court, London. The programme is available here.
  2. Presentation by CEO to AGM on 12 October 2015
  3. The David Colegrave Foundation scholarships are now open until January for students seeking support for horticulturally related projects
  4. AHDB Soils and Water Call: Research Partnership for 'Management of Rotations, Soil Structure and Water' - More information about this call is available.

  5. AHDB Beef & Lamb  has launced a call for Grazing stock on forage crops  and further details are available here or on their website

  6. The 2015 AFCP Student Forum was held on Thursday 5th March 2015. Student posters from this event are available here.  

by Dr. Radut